10 Gifts For Kids That Encourage Reading + Freebies!!

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Need to gift a reluctant reader and want to try to encourage your love of reading? There are quite a few ideas for struggling readers of all ages that they will love.

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Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or a Christmas gift for kids, you’ll find the right gift that promotes literacy. Here are 10 gift ideas that encourage kids to read.

1. Magazine Subscription

There is a magazine subscription for every age and subject. My daughter has been subscribed to a number of magazines throughout the years and there are even more available now. Here are a few options:

  • 2. Activity Books

    Books with a variety of fun activities often involve reading and writing. Word search books and Mad Libs or Mad Libs Jr. can also help struggling readers.

  • 3. Kids Kindle

    I am pretty much against screens for young children, but the Kids Kindle is actually a great product. I’m not talking about the Kindle Fire which has all kinds of other apps, but specifically the Kids Kindle that is strictly for reading. Some kids are so much more excited to read and explore more books through digital media and this is a great way to do that without the distractions tablets have.

    4. Fun Book Accessories

    Things like fun bookmarks, reading lights, and even a comfy spot to read in all encourage reading. I got my daughter a stuffed animal “bean bag” style chair and she loves to lay in it and read her books.

  • 5. Literacy Games

    There are so many games that build literacy skills now that it’s easy for kids to not even notice they’re reading. Many of these can be played during family game nights too. Here are some of my favorites:

  • .
  • 6. Jokes Book or Calendar

    What kid doesn’t love jokes? A book of jokes or a daily calendar with jokes will have any kid reading to make their family and friends laugh.

  • 7. Comic Books

    I have had so many kids who won’t read anything that isn’t a comic book and sometimes parents discourage this. I always say, let them read whatever they want! It doesn’t matter what it is really. The point is that they are reading and using their imagination. And comic books are a bit less intimidating since they have so many pictures so they are great for hesitant readers.

  • 8. Phonics Toys

    Any toy that focuses on letter sounds is a good option. These are usually for younger kids, such as alphabet toys. Things like magnetic letters and letter cubes, alphabet floor mats and puzzles, and Leapfrog make great phonics toys.

  • 9. Book Subscription

    Subscriptions to monthly book boxes and clubs are a great way to introduce new books to kids in a way that gets them excited. Kids love getting mail and there are several book subscriptions out there to match every interest and level. Here are a few good picks:

    • My First Reading Club – for babies and children up to 12 years old, this box sends 2-3 books including an activity book
    • Our Little Book Club – also for babies and children up to 12 years old, this box includes 2 books and an activity book
    • Bookroo – options for 0-10 years old, this is a very popular book club
    • Wonder Crate – there is a Jr option for kids ages 5-7, and the regular option is for older kids. Includes a biography of an influential person along with activities
    • Our Shelves – a book club that focuses on diversity, they send a shipment of books every 3 months
    • Crate Expectations – for homeschoolers aged 8-13, this box comes with one book, toys/games, STEM activities, discussion questions, and more.

    10. High Interest Books

    Kids reference books like the DK reference series and leveled readers specific to a topic the child loves can help push a reluctant reader past their hesitation. I find kids reference books to be very effective at this, since kids naturally like learning about what they are interested in.

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