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In this post, I share my favorite multi-sensory learning activities for L blends, along with a set of multi-sensory L blend worksheets and activities.

It’s no surprise that I love to use a variety of multi-sensory activities when teaching letter blends. Multi-sensory learning is the cornerstone of the Orton-Gillingham method. Struggling learners simply learn best when they use multiple senses.

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Teaching L Blends To Struggling Readers

Below are my favorite multi-sensory activities to teach L blends to struggling readers.

The key to all of these is to integrate more than one sense into each activity. You could modify even the simplest worksheet into a multi-sensory one by having students say the letter sound as they write or by color coding the sounds.

  1. Say and trace the L blend in a word list or on a worksheet. Have students trace the l blend in each word with a highlighter and say the sound the blend makes as they trace it.
  2. Sky write L blends and say the sound and letters aloud. This activity builds symbol imagery for the blend. I like to hold up a flashcard with only the blend and have students sky write and say the sound. For example, I hold up a “bl” card and students write and say the sound 3 times.
  3. Use a sand or salt try to spell words with L blends. I like to use coarse salt in a pencil box. I say a word with a blend and students write it in the salt. For more targeted intervention you could say the blend only instead of words. For example, say the sound for “sl” and the student writes “sl” in the salt.
  4. Sort words by L blends. Using a list or set of cards, have student sort the words by the blend.
  5. Color code the L blends on a worksheet or list. Use a different color highlighter or marker to trace the blends on a worksheet or a written list.
  6. Play a memory or matching game where students need to find another word with the same L blend. I print out l blend words on cardstock paper, cut them into cards, and play a variety of games with them.
  7. Play a dice game using the L blends. I have one in my set of l blends activities. Based on the number rolled, students will write a word with a specified blend.
  8. Play a spinner game with L blends. This is another game in my set. Students spin for an l blend, then find a word with that blend.
  9. Play a board game with L blend cards. You can use cards with l blend words along with any board game. At each turn, the player has to pull a word card and read it. You can add another step like sky write or spell on a whiteboard as well.
  10. Use letter tiles to write words with L blends. It helps if the l blends are a different color from the consonants and vowels.
  11. Use elkonin boxes to read and write words with L blends. I love using elkonin boxes for blending, segmenting, and spelling. This is a great visual for students to see l blends as one since they have to see or write both letters in the blend in one box. You can grab my Elkonin template in this post.
  12. Make lists of nonsense words with L blends. Incorporating nonsense words is very important and lets you know if your students truly know the blend or not.
  13. Practice reading and spelling nonsense words with L blends. Use the elkonin boxes, a whiteboard, letter tiles, or sky write to make this multi-sensory.

Looking for ready-made L blends worksheets and activities? Check out my set of no prep L blend activities.

multi-sensory l blends worksheets
L blends word list
BL poster page
l blends printable game
L Blends activity printable

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