Ultimate List of Decodable Books & Texts

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Are you looking for decodable books to use in your class? There are plenty of options out there. Some may be too difficult for your students, while others might not go deep enough. This blog post will provide a list of the best places to find decodable books and texts so that you can choose what is right for your classroom!

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Types of Decodable Text

There are 4 types of decodable texts that you can use:

  • Decodable Books With Pictures
  • Decodable Chapter Books
  • Decodable Passages
  • Printable Decodable Texts

Which you use depends on the level and age of your students. Some are very beginner and basic, perfect for early readers, while others are of higher interest for older students.

decodable books with pictures

Decodable Books With Pictures

These are the beginner type of books with lots of pictures and a sentence or a few on each page. Some of these books are more basic than others.

These usually follow the sequence of a phonics program to ensure students are only reading text that focuses on the target skill and reviews what they already know.

Even with older students, these types of books can be used for intervention.

Decodable Chapter Books

These decodable books offer a little more challenge. They have fewer pictures, and sentences are a little longer.

These are typically higher interest and great for older students who are working on their decoding skills. Even advanced level students can benefit from challenging themselves with decodable chapter books at times!

Decodable Passages

These passages target specific skills and can be found online or bought from the store. These are a great addition to any reading program, but they aren’t necessarily decodable books that students read on their own – instead, they are used more as interventions during class time. You should choose a passage that focuses on the target skills or that reviews several skills.

decodable passage - printable decodable text

Printable Decodable Texts

These are online options for printing out decodable booklets and passages. These range from extremely easy (beginner) to more challenging (advanced). Some of these are also free.


Decodable text is a great way to help students learn how to decode words and increase their reading comprehension. With so many different types of decodable books and texts available, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your class. 

I hope that this list has helped you find decodable texts to use in your classroom. Stay tuned for my post on how to use decodable texts coming soon!

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