Free Online Resources For Teaching Struggling Learners At Home

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This is a list of resources that are free and easy to use for parents of struggling or emergent readers, as well as resources for students to use in all subjects. Some of these are only free for a while, but they are still great resources to take advantage of since many parents are now suddenly homeschooling.

Free Reading Resources For Struggling Readers

*And a notable mention to Nessy for offering a special 2 month deal for only $32

free online reading resources for struggling readers

More free educational resources

In addition to these free reading resources, check out the following free educational websites in all subjects. These are great to use for homeschooling or to supplement any curriculum.



Social Studies


Virtual Field Trips (all ages)

list of free sites for families to use while school is closed

And here are a few great podcasts for kids:

If you’re looking for more tips for struggling readers, check out these other posts:

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free online resources to use while school is closed

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  1. Parts of this list was literally copied from my pin for Learn in Color – including the entire Social Studies portion in the exact same order I did. Nobody likes someone who copies others without credit.

    1. Hi Samantha. I have never heard of your blog before and did not copy your list. I created my own list from resources I knew about and have used and from asking others on Facebook. I looked around to find your list and it’s not even the same. I only have 4 things listed in Social Studies so I’m not sure why you think I copied you. It’s not like no other teacher knows about those resources anyway. You don’t have a copyright on lists of resources that teachers use.

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